Normal people scare me

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Favourite lines  Panic! At The Disco

(Source: alphastump, via gravitysex) holy shit

Anonymous asked: Do you have Instagram?? X

just skype and kik 

Anonymous asked: we used to talk && i miss you

really? we can talk again ? who are you ?

someoneskitten asked: Love your piercings :)

look at my crazy red nose pitbull with a duck :)))

Anonymous asked: I agree with the other anon, you're really attractive x

Why you tell me that with anon ?  say me that without anon , i really want to talk :)

Anonymous asked: Hey can plz upload more photos of yourself cuz ur really hot

really? maybe , but who are you?

A girl who want me to eat her out ?

I really need to eat a girl out ! girl who wanna ? send me mesagge 

anon ask me about my dick all the time ! the first and the last photo ! happy now ? who wanna talk im bored?